Technology Orientation

Technology Orientation for New Adult Education Students

Welcome to the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT). Adult Education students should be familiar with the school's most widely used and important technologies. The information below describes these technologies and offers links to additional resources.

As a new Adult Education student, you will need to read through the Technology Orientation topics below and become familiar with the resources. Please use the drop-down arrows to expand the topics and read through the content for each section.

Once you have read through the Technology Orientation, please click on the link provided below to complete the Technology Orientation acknowledgement form. Students should complete and submit the form prior to the start of school.

Acknowledgement Form - (note: if you are prompted to log in, use your EVIT account username and password provided to you to login and access the form)

Student Login Account

Please use your EVIT account to login into all campus computers and district applications such as Canvas, Google and the Grades Online Portal. Your EVIT login information will be sent to your personal email address one week prior to the start of class. The email will come from Please contact the Helpdesk at 480-461-4074 or by email at, if you have not yet received the email containing your login information or are encountering any trouble signing in.

Are periodic password changes required?

EVIT does not enforced periodic password change policies for students. If you forget your password or are unable to login to your account, you will need to contact the EVIT helpdesk for assistance.


EVIT utilizes Canvas as its Learning Management System (LMS) for student learning, collaboration and communication. EVIT has consolidated a library of Canvas tutorial videos that you will need to watch in order to become familiar with Canvas. When accessing Canvas, you will need to ensure that you login to the Canvas portal using the EVIT specific published link.

Authentication to the Canvas portal is integrated with EVIT’s user directory. Meaning, you must login using your EVIT username and password. It is also required that students use the Chrome browser to access Canvas. To download and install the latest version for PC or Macs, click here to download Chrome. District managed devices already have the Chrome browser installed.

Accessing and Login Into Canvas

Canvas Video Library

Google Workspace

EVIT utilizes the Google Workspace suite of applications for communication and collaboration. This includes Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Slides and Hangouts.

To log in to your Gmail account

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your EVIT account username and password

    • Note: you will need to ensure that you append the domain ( after your EVIT account username.

For a comprehensive overview of the suite of applications used at EVIT within Google Workspace, please view the presentation provided below.

Connecting to the Campus Wireless Network (WiFi @ EVIT)

As a student, you can connect and access the wireless (WiFi) network using your personal devices. Access is provided via the broadcast "EVITguest" network, which provides access to students resources located within the organization's network and the Internet. Students should consult with their instructor to obtain the wireless network password.

Technical Support for Students

The Information Systems Department provides technical support for all enrolled students. For technology support or questions regarding any technical resource, you can request assistance using one of the following options.

Helpdesk Hours of Operation

  • Days: Monday thru Friday

  • Hours: 7:30am to 4:30pm.

Student Fees Payment Portal

For your convenience, fees can be paid using our online payment portal. To log into the fee payment portal, you will need to have your EVIT Student ID. If you do not have or know your EVIT Student ID, please send an email to the Helpdesk at or contact the helpdesk at 480-461-4074.

Accessing the portal and making online payment instructions.

Fee Payment Portal


Security is important. For the protection of the District, faculty, staff, and students all users are expected to abide by the specific and commonsense rules of security.

Password: Securing and safeguarding your password

  • You must never share your password or allow others to use your EVIT username or password. You should not reveal your passwords to ensure system security, as well as your own privileges and ability to use the network and online learning resources.

Email - Phishing Scams and CyberSecurity Awareness

  • As a student you will be assigned a Gmail email address. Your email will be available to you for as long as you are enrolled at EVIT and it should only be used for learning purposes and for communication associated with your learning at EVIT.

  • If you receive email requesting your login information, bank information or any other sensitive or confidential information, do not respond to the email or click on any links included in the body, it is more then likely a phishing email with a malicious intent. EVIT or the Information Systems Department at EVIT will never solicit any sensitive or personal information from the students or users.

Courtesy Phones for Student Use

Courtesy phones are available for student use. Phones are conveniently located in the main lobby of each of the main administration buildings. When dialing out, you must press 7 first to get an outside dial tone.

Systems Requirements - Student Personal Devices

To ensure a successful technical experience in Canvas and in the student assessment/exam systems, please ensure that your personal computer or laptop meets or exceeds the following system requirements.

Minimum System Requirements:

Note: Chromebooks, Android Tablets, iPads or Linux operating systems are not supported.


  • Operating System: Windows 10 or Windows 11

  • CPU: Intel i3 (or a compatible AMD model) or greater processor

  • RAM: 4GB of usable RAM or higher

  • Hard Drive: 4GB or higher of available storage space

  • Wireless Capability – minimum 802.11n standard

  • Webcam: Integrated camera or an external USB camera.

  • Microphone: Integrated microphone or an external USB microphone.

  • Anti-Virus: Windows Defender enabled or third-party anti-virus software installed

  • Chrome Browser: Latest version of the Chrome browser installed

  • Screen Resolution: Support for at least 1280 x 768 resolution


  • Operating System: Catalina, Big Sur or Monterey

  • CPU: Intel or M1 processor

  • RAM: 4GB or higher

  • Hard Drive: 4GB or higher of available storage space

  • Wireless Capability – minimum 802.11n standard

  • Webcam: Integrated camera or an external USB camera

  • Microphone: Integrated microphone or an external USB microphone

  • Anti-Virus: XProtect enabled or third-party anti-virus software installed

  • Chrome Browser: Latest version of the Chrome browser installed

  • Screen Resolution: Support for at least 1280 x 768 resolution

Acceptable Use Agreement

By agreeing to the Acceptable Use Agreement, you will conduct yourself ethically, legally, and responsibly on our network